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What is a Template?

A template serves as a container within which you place the content of your web page(s). Generally, it will consist of HTML code, into which the page's content is parsed before being sent to the browser.

To access your existing Fruml templates though the dashboard menu click Resources => Templates.

Managing Fruml Templates

Fruml provides an intuitive template management system giving you the ability to add new templates, edit existing templates, or delete existing templates. In order to edit or delete a template, you must first select a template to edit. Note that while you select multiple templates to delete, you can only select one template at a time to edit.

To add a new template, click the "Add Template" button.

Creating Templates in Fruml

Templates are written in plain (X)HTML, expanded with Fruml Tags which are used to write the page's content into the template before it's sent to the browser. A very simple template in Fruml might look something like the following:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>[page name="page_title"]</title>
    [page name="page_content"]

The example shows a HTML 5 template containing two Fruml tags, both of the 'page' variety. The first tag outputs the value for the field name 'page_title' and the second outputs the page content.

That's it! That's all there is to writing templates in Fruml. There's even a function to load a file on your computer, so you can edit your template in your favourite program and then load it into Fruml. Extra handy!

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