Fruml Mercurial Repository

Cloning the Fruml Mercurial Repository...

Fruml's source code repository is stored in Mercurial by the nice folks over at BitBucket. This page will help you clone the repository. This page assumes a working knowledge of the Mercurial version control system and that the required tools are installed on your platform. Please note that the development version may contain bugs not found in the packaged (beta) versions.

Instructions for Linux Users
To clone the repository, open a terminal, navigate to the directory where you want to install Fruml and type the following command:

hg clone fruml

This will create a clone of Fruml. Once the cloning is complete, you can start the installation.

Instructions for Windows Users
If you use Windows and wish to clone the Fruml repository, we suggest using TortoiseHG as a graphical Mercurial tool.

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