Fruml Highlights...

Fruml Features

Fruml comes packed with the features you would expect from a modern content management system, and some that you probably wouldn't expect but would hope to see.


Fruml provides several time-saving media management features to help you upload, categorise, and edit your media content.

You can bulk-upload several items at once, and apply powerful image transformations to give almost limitless effects to your images.


Fruml features a fully customisable content structure, giving you unlimited freedom to decide which content appears on which pages.

By defining Custom Fields and grouping them in Page Types, Fruml can handle content structures from simple pages to full-blown news websites.


Like any content management system worth its download time, Fruml comes with WYSIWYG editing support.

We've built in native support for both the TinyMCE and CKEditor to give you a modern editing environment that will feel familiar to you from the start.


The plugin system extends the functionality of Fruml beyond that provided by the application developers.

By making use of the rich Fruml API, users and developers are able to create almost limitless enhancements to Fruml, including galleries, form-managers, and more.


No more having to manage multiple websites in multiple languages.

With Fruml, you provide words and phrases in multiple languages and then use the powerful dictionary tag within your content and templates to provide multi-lingual content.


Nobody likes waiting around for slow web pages to load.

Fruml makes use of file caching, APC and XCache to ensure that web content is delivered to visitors in the shortest time possible, with bandwidth costs savings also being made.

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